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Parents on the Child Tax Credit (NPR Interview)

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Jacob Pinney-Johnson, Kalamazoo

Jacob Pinney-Johnson thinks a lot about issues of fatherhood. He co-runs the Fatherhood Network, a group that offers one-on-one support and resources to fathers in Kalamazoo County.

Pinney-Johnson is a single dad who co-parents his two kids along with their mom. The expanded Child Tax Credit has been really helpful to him so far. He’s used it to pay for things like bills, food, and recently winter clothes for the kids.

But he says there’s an added layer of complication when it comes to the Child Tax Credit.

“I'm not sure how much thought went into: How do we support co-parents where children may be living in both homes an equal amount of time?,” said Pinney-Johnson.

“And how do we do that where it doesn't necessarily put all the burden on co-parents to figure out how we split this money in an equitable way?”

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