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Who We Are

First established in 2015 by a group of fathers in Kalamazoo, MI the Fatherhood Network (FHN) is a support group that is aimed at strengthening family relationships before, during, and after the child rearing process.


Executive Director

Kevin Lavender Jr. founded the Fatherhood Network in 2015. He is the proud father of three daughters and has a deep passion and commitment to supporting fathers and coordinating opportunities for dads to build community amongst each other while connecting with community resources. His hope is that fathers feel encouraged and supported in their role as a father. 

Kevin Lavender Jr.

FHN 1_edited.jpg

Creative Director

Derek Miller is active member of the Kalamazoo community and the father of two sons. He's passionate about teaching and helping others reach their goals. After experiencing a rocky start to his fatherhood journey, he joined the Fatherhood Network in 2015. His hope is that fathers don't feel alone on their journey as a father.

Derek Miller

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Health Director

Jacob Pinney-Johnson is a 4th- generation Kalamazoo resident. A recipient of the Kalamazoo Promise, he holds a B.A in Social Work with a Minor in Holistic Health.

His work experience includes a commitment to economic & criminal justice reform, health & wellness, youth development, family support & social justice, racial equity & advocacy work.

A proud father of two, Jacob has a drive and dedication to being a part of the success and upliftment of his community. 

His hope is to end oppression, and that my children and future generations can experience health, wellness, and quality of life.

Jacob Johnson

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Director of E-Commerce

Rumeal Washpun joined the fatherhood network in 2016. He is the proud father of two daughters and is committed to supporting fathers in becoming more present in their roles as a leader. His hope is to connect fathers to the resources needed to fulfill their role as fathers

Rumeal W


Our Mission

"The Fatherhood Network’s mission is to empower fathers to break down barriers that prevent fathers from having an impact on their children’s lives, their family, and their community. We also aim to create economic empowerment for fathers in order to improve their overall quality of life."

Our Values


We Believe....

  • In and value our community

  • In the value and worth of all of our community’s children

  • In keeping our children safe

  • In the value of building community among fathers


We Believe...

  • That empowering fathers will build sustainability in our effort to engage and mentor one another

  • In empowering fathers to become their own advocate will provide for economic empowerment and opportunities to improve their overall quality of life for themselves and their family


We Believe...

  • That a child needs both parents committed to being involved in their life

  • In celebrating the diversity that exists among fathers in our community and are committed to supporting all fathers regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual identity

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