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The Fathers x Figures 9k+ piece project is a web3 extension from the NPO, The Fatherhood Network. Our mission is to empower fathers and strengthen families across the world. We do this by 1 on 1 peer support coaching, family friendly activities and events, Dad cafe’s virtual/in person and providing a connection to community resources. Our Genesis fundraising ecosystem will serve as a powerful tool to provide the very first of many scholarships for a "Father Student Athlete" that's currently enrolled in college. Our blueprint to provide utility to our holders is detailed in the sections below. We will also be airdropping additional Tokens to a few holders with extremely rare traits!!


The Dilemma 


Plenty of us as young or older men have made a decision to seek further education after high school to secure a prominent future for ourselves, our families and our children. With the goal of graduation in mind, what exactly does this journey entail for male students who have children, especially athletes who may or may not be professional prospects in their respective sport? Just to provide some analytical insight, released an article February 18th of 2022 stating that “61% of all student fathers drop out of college without a degree.” The struggles of juggling non-negotiable deadlines and fatherhood are pretty much invisible to the naked eye on any college campus. The article further elaborates that this particular population can be linked to struggling with their finances, childcare cost and fitting children, work and class into the day.


The Proposition


Our focus/intent to combat this issue is to provide a philanthropic base for active collegiate fathers who are in dire need of assistance through their college experience as an athlete, student and father while providing utility to our holders digitally and IRL. The compensation in the form of a scholarship would not infringe on a college’s current contract(s) or commitment with other companies and businesses. The possibilities to create an upwards shift in this realm of education and economic opportunities are vastly endless!


What the Data tells us


  • 61% of student fathers drop out of college compared to the 48% of student mothers

  • Among the single fathers of color, the dropout rate is 70%

  • Enrollment has dropped nearly twice as much for men versus women since the start of the pandemic, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

  • Women outnumber men in higher education by 59% to 41%

  • Student fathers are less often brought into programs for student parents and may feel less comfortable asking for help, such as time off when their kids are sick.


FHN Token


The Fathers x Figures fundraising ecosystem will be powered by the FHN Token used in a DAO to determine our selection process. The supply cap will consist of 9,985 Tokens. There will be no friends-list(whitelist) for this genesis project. Public mint details as follows: November 1st 4:15pm UTC/12:15pm EST 

Price: .025 eth

5 Tokens per wallet


Team and Blueprint


View our Team on the Home Page. Holders will be granted complete ownership and rights to their Tokens. Meaning you could create your own brand for whatever business using your NFT. We already have a Fatherhood Network store but we will be creating a unique brand that can only be accessed by our holders! Access to exclusive events surrounding family and fatherhood with some surprising goodies! Occasional giveaways and airdrops to the community. Last but not least, a DAO to give our Token holders voting rights!


Website and Contact Details


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