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Real Humans of Kalamazoo - Derek

“My name is Derek Miller. I’m a Kalamazoo native, happily married, and proud father of two boys. Being a father is the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life and becoming a father is actually what sparked my journey down the path of providing supportive services to fathers in the community.

When my son was born he spends his first month in NICU. This was a hard time for my wife and I because we never considered the possibility of not being able to take our son home right after he was born. During this time a saw my wife get surrounded by support but when I looked around I couldn’t find any in my corner.

This has been the story for many men in our community that’s why I became the Care Coordinator for the 4DAD Fatherhood Program and a proud member of the Fatherhood Network. The work that we do connects fathers and their families to community resources, provides fathers with education on the development of their children, and creates safe spaces for men and fathers to find support from their peers.

I’m very passionate about this work and the good that we have been able to accomplish thus far and I look forward to the amazing things we’ll accomplish in the future. If you want to connect with me or one of the Fatherhood Network please search for “The Fatherhood Network“ or “4DAD” on Facebook. You can also send an email to”

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